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Autumn Budget: Impact on the built environment

1st November 2018    |     Chris Evans: Deputy Managing Director

The Autumn Budget brought with it many welcome pledges and some concerning contradictions, all of which will continue to shape all UK towns, cities, infrastructure and the wider built environment. Deputy Managing Director, Chris Evans, shares his thoughts on the Chancellor’s latest budget announcements.


Electric vehicles - driving towards an energy dilemma


26th June 2017    |     Peter Rolton

Our Chairman Peter Rolton has been featured in this month's edition of Energy World, with a thought piece exploring the evolving electric vehicle landscape and the challenges that lie on the road ahead.


Will the Christmas lights go out next winter?

GMW blog - Will the lights go out next Christmas?

13th April 2017    |     Graham Waring

With the continuing debate on the capacity of the existing grid and the reducing supply margin, forward-thinking major energy users are securing the future of their energy supply by planning ahead and taking steps to be less dependent on our aging National Grid. By adopting a flexible approach they are experiencing operational, commercial and carbon benefits. Will the Christmas lights go out next winter, or will you take control of your own power supply?


Appreciate Your Staff or Lose Them Forever

Appreciate your staff

30th January 2017    |     Chris Evans

Taking your first steps towards landing your dream job shouldn’t mean working without pay, no matter how new you are to your chosen field, or to the world of work in general.


Who’s looking after our sewers?

Who's looking after our sewers

3rd January 2017    |     Shaun Pentlow

The following article explains the legislative progress that has been made so far for the UK’s private sewer transfer, highlighting the key points and influences along with our predictions regarding the timescales for change; a great read for land owners, developers, planners and in fact anyone that needs to keep up-to-date when it comes to the design and implementation of foul drainage infrastructure.


Challenges of Engineering Our Post-Brexit Future


28th September 2016    |     Peter Rolton

Last month’s message from Theresa May as she reiterated that “Brexit means Brexit” couldn’t be much clearer. Her words signaled an end to the ‘rabbit in the headlights’ limbo period that surrounded the EU referendum and encouraged a move into a more proactive phase where we need to take control of our own destiny.


Fending off the floods: how we can keep the water away

Fending off the floods

8th February 2016    |     Shaun Pentlow

Flooding was once again in the headlines over Christmas, with many parts of the UK suffering from the aftermath of extreme wet weather.